Garden Multi Color LED Light for Submersible/Fountain/Aquarium

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  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USING’The light with a ground stake and round base, waterproof feature. You can set it in your yard toward to the wall or set it in your room. We suggest indoor using is better than outdoor as the street light may reduse its light effect.
  • Ideal for Aquarium, Fountains and also gift giving to colleagues, friends and loved ones.
  • underwater LED fountain lights have a large number of advantages over conventional lighting, out of which we will only emphasize those that have some kind of influence on the architectural fountain lighting.
  • Multi LED fountain lights are highly durable and the number of times they are turned off and on

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Multi LED light rings are innovative light source for shinning up running water at fountain water outlet, waterfalls,are also widely used for pool fountains, swimming pool, water shows, shopping malls, fish pond, aqua hotels pools, sea aquarium, sea side underwater, theme park, landscape lighting, all places with water can be with led underwater lights.


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